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Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. We send our price list (in US$) upon request via e-mail or fax. There is a minimum purchase amount of US$500 per order. Full payment must be made before we ship the plants to you.
  2. Prices shown on the list are inclusive of documentation costs but exclusive of shipping charges and are subject to change without prior notice. We update our plant list quarterly due to price and availability issues. So please request for the latest price list before ordering again.
  3. For ALL buyers: We need all foreign buyers to acquire an import permit in their respective countries and provide us with the rules and regulations of plant importation of their Department of Agriculture.
  4. Shipping costs will depend on where the cargo will be delivered to. Please call or e-mail us for rates. We send shipments via EMS (Express Mail system) or air freight, whichever is more convenient for you.
  5. Payment Options: You may pay us via Bank Transfer (TT) or through our Paypal account. Though if via Paypal, an additional 4% of the entire amount will be charged. We will e-mail our bank details if you prefer payment via Telegraphic Transfer.
  6. We try to deliver plants in their best condition. Though there are some countries (e.g. USA, some European countries) wherein it is imposed that plants coming in from the Philippines be bare-rooted. There will of course, be some stress on the plants during transit. Some damage to the plants can be expected. Winter shipments will not be encouraged. Buyers should inform us when the temperatures are no longer a danger to the plants being shipped. If extensive damage occurs, please inform us immediately upon receipt of shipment. Do not return any plants without prior notice.