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About Purificacion Orchids
Purificacion Orchids was established in 1986 by Corazon C. Purificacion with the objective of providing quality orchids to consumers at affordable prices. The type of orchids grown at first was concentrated mainly on warm-growing hybrid orchids because it was intended for the market in Metro Manila and other areas in the Philippines with similar climatic conditions.

A 1.5 hectare lot in Caloocan City was gradually developed into a multi-genera, multi-variety orchid farm, complete with laboratory facilities for hybridization and meristem culture. Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Cattleyas, and Vandas were and stull are the company's main products.

In 1988, Purificacion Orchids opened its first retail store at the SM City North EDSA Mall. And soon, more branches followed. The company adapted to the demands of its growing clientele, triggering its need to add ornamental plants to its list of products. Since the company's laboratory is solely dedicated to the propagation of orchids, seedlings and seed stocks of annuals and other ornamental plants chosen to be grown and sold are continuously purchased from reputable companies in Europe, Asia and the US.

In the year 1998, the company realized that the existing farm in Caloocan City was now too small to be able to cope with the growing local market. Another major concern too was the change in growing conditions at the farm. Temperatures have stayed high for the entire year and water quality is getting poorer. It was also apparent that to be able to cope with the ever increasing cost of orchid growing, the company had to venture in the international orchid market. This meant a different product line and a whole new type of marketing.

For the international market, the company's goal is to supply quality, farm-grown and propagated Philippine orchid species. To be able to reach this goal, proper growing conditions should be met. So, in 1999, a 3 hectare farm in Alfonso, Cavite was developed. The area was chosen for its ideal conditions and logistics.

In 2002, Purificacion Orchids joined its first international orchid show in France. The plants that were brought for selling were received with so much enthusiasm that it was overwhelming. Orchid collectors from all over the world were so happy to know that the much sought-after Philippine Orchid species are now farm grown and are being artificially propagated. Filipinos, unfortunately, have been known to have destroyed much of the orchid habitats in the wild by over-collecting, illegal logging and such for monetary gain.

From France, the company has joined other shows in Europe, Asia and the US. Due to its exhibit booths and quality plants for selling at these shows, the Philippine orchids are again being given its due recognition for their beauty and diversity. Purificacion Orchids has also started to develop an international wholesale market for its products. An increase of orders from abroad has shown that quality products will always have a high demand anywhere.

For more than 20 years, Purificacion Orchids has continuously grown and produced quality plants at affordable prices. Awards of excellence for its orchids and exhibits are now so numerous to mention. Conservation of Philippine orchid species by artificial propagation is one of its m
ajor goals too. And Purificacion Orchids is still continuing to improve its farms and products to be able to serve its clients more.